Answers to Frequently Asked Interior Design Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Investing In Your Home – How Much Does It Cost?
  • “It might seem awkward talking about money with some designers, but you made it easy and comfortable because you respected our limits. Your knowledge of space and ability to incorporate things that we already had was amazing.  You made our treasures look even better.”
    – Susan Kaufman

    It is vital that you share your expected investment. You may not know what the entire project will cost for your wish list, but we help you value-engineer your design so you get as much as possible for the money you set aside for your project.  We can’t work without knowing your limits because we could overspend without knowing the parameters of your project, and what is comfortable to you.

    Typical Investments for Remodeling and Furnishing Rooms:

    To do partial new furnishings for a medium to large room, your investment should start at $25,000, not including Design Fee or needed contractor work.

    To purchase for an entire new room including paint, flooring or carpeting, window treatments, all new furnishings, accessories or art, your investment should start at $40,000, not including Design Fee or needed contractor work. If doing more than one large room, the same value should be applied, The investment may be more, especially if you are changing out the fireplace or creating custom furnishings.

    To complete a remodeled guest bathroom, the investment should start at $30,000, not including Design Fee. To remodel a medium or large master bathroom, the investment should start at $45,000, and go up, depending on the surface materials and extras like a steam shower, or radiant heated flooring, or expensive fixtures, cabinetry.

    The same is true with kitchen remodels, depending on the size and appliances purchased. For a medium kitchen start at $60,000 but appliance level, surface materials and cabinetry could run much higher.


  • What If My Spouse & I Don’t Agree?
  • “You carefully maneuvered between our different tastes and opinions, and never allowed our project to stall. You gave us the confidence to make decisions and selections that it would have taken us years to do without your help. You truly understood that our home had to be practical as well as beautiful.”
    – Susan Kaufman

    Our goal is to have both of you achieve 90% of what you want individually.  We help you decide who “wins” on a few decisions so we keep your project on track.


  • Will My House Look Like Me Or Like Your Design Style?
  • “You surprised us with your attention to detail and your powers of recall. You remember our comments and desires an then wove them into our home without imposing your taste on us.”
    – Susan Kaufman

    You live in your home…we don’t.  It should reflect your taste, and though we push you to be adventurous (that is why you hire a designer), we never impose our ideas on you.


  • Will You Respect My Time?
  • “I love that you are always punctual and respectful of time. You kept our projects moving and your scheduling of everything was exceptional. Your contractors were also terrific.”
    – Susan Kaufman

    You are busy, and that is why you want a designer to help you accomplish your design work quickly and painlessly.  We know you have other things to do, so we show up when we promise, and we do what we say so you feel complete trust and confidence in us.

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