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Would You Like Your Laundry Room Upstairs?

So you might think that a house like this would provide everything you could ever want. Plenty of space for sure. For my clients (a family of 5, with 3 children under the age of 10), they had a good size list of improvements they wanted to make to match…


My New Favorite Site to Search for
Vintage Furniture, Art & Accessories

One of the questions I ask a prospective client is “Are you interested in incorporating vintage or antique items in the design of your home?” Well, my newest client said yes, which meant I was going to have fun searching for some one of a kind and unique pieces to…



One of the biggest problems I see when I go to design consultations are window treatments that are too short, skimpy, hung too low and/or not the appropriate design at all. I am going to speak specifically to the ladies now about how having proper window treatments is similar to…


How to Help Alleviate Your Post Election Stress Disorder

Do you feel like you have been through the wringer? Have you been more involved in Donald’s and Hillary’s business than your own? Are you still stressed and don’t know what to focus on now that the election is over? I feel for you, I really do. I know a…


Home Decor Shopping – A Pro’s Perspective

IN THIS VIDEO, I SHARE THE ANSWER TO ONE OF THE QUESTIONS I AM MOST OFTEN ASKED; “Where do I, as a professional interior designer, shop?” Check it out, my answer may surprise you. I share the where, the why, and the number of considerations I consider for creating a…



9 GREAT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER 1. You don’t know what you don’t know. This is the root of most problems that come up during a home project. If you are taking on the project yourself, you may be greatly disappointed in the process and/or the…

A Fix for a Builder’s Blunder

Builder’s Blunder I don’t know about you, but when I walk into some homes and I see how they were built, I have to ask myself; “Why would they do this?” Builders in developments are notorious for doing the job and getting out after putting in the least amount of work…


Do this when selling an empty house

Imagine you are looking for a condo, or house to buy on

Win a 2-hour Interior Design Consultation!

You and Your Home Could Be the Winner! Are you afraid you will make the wrong decisions regarding paint color, how your furniture should be laid out, or what kind of window treatment would be best for your home? Are you so stuck, that you haven’t taken the necessary steps…


Declutter to Relieve Stress – Declutter to Sell Your Home

Declutter to Relieve Stress Are you finding it hard to relax or concentrate? Do you feel on edge and don’t know why? Your brain may be telling you your living arrangements need to improve. Decluttering may be the answer. Clutter can build up over time. You may not notice it….