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Are you waiting for retirement to create the home you want?

Den Renovation Design


What would I like to do that I haven’t done? What are the steps I need to take to make sure it happens? And what – have I – been waiting for?

I am 57 this month (August) and I see the proof of my age showing up in more ways than one. Time flies so fast. It’s time to take stock. This is the theme of this blog today, and I will also share a new completed project that my Mount Laurel, NJ client waited 40 years to do, so keep reading!

Have you noticed that people still talk about retirement as if that is when we can finally sit back and enjoy life? Ah, “The Golden Years.” I know from experience with my parents and grandparents that bad health gets in the way and there will always be an obligation or someone else to care for.

So don’t wait. The time is now. Set yourself up to accomplish your goals for your family, your lifestyle, and your home. I’m here to help with all three of these things.


Great design makes things better, and even more important, possible.

Client Testimonial Lenore

Forty years. That is a long time to wait for an important room in the home to become a really comfortable and enjoyable space. My client had just retired when he called me for help.

As you scroll down, I will show you the space we had to work with, the vision of what the room could become with photo realistic renderings, and finally the completed design that earned me such a wonderful client testimonial.

My client lives in a bi-level home where the lower level is the den with TV. The den, as it was, had a lot of seating but it was also very cluttered and disorganized, and the TV was along the right wall. It was not a comfortable place to be. For good reason, he desired a better floor plan, new furnishings, and a place for a drum set. He wanted it to be very welcoming for gatherings with family and friends as well as, the most comfortable place to be for himself and his wife.

Den Family Room Before Den Before Design

My plan was to provide a design that would give a feeling of coziness while improving the layout and function of the room. So here are the renderings included in my Signature Full – Service design presentation.

In order to place the TV screen in the most comfortable viewing position my client agreed with me that it should be mounted where the fireplace is. As you can see, we built over the existing fireplace. Aside from the new furniture and carpet (I fell in love with the carpet), we added other levels of lighting with a table lamp, a floor lamp, wall sconces and a multi-directional ceiling light for the new snack bar and drum set area. With enough of the right lighting, no one should be afraid of having dark walls.

Den Family Room Design

The renderings do not show artwork because my client wanted to use his collection of personal pictures. All I would have to do is reframe them.

Family Room Design

Here are the individual items I offered my client for this project:

The sofa and pillows are customized with my own selection of fabric. The bar height table has USB ports. The nesting side table is great for when you need the extra surface for drinks around the room. The leather ottomans can be used to put your feet up or for extra seating. And the new power recliner for the easiest change of position.

Renderings Of Individual Furnishings Decor Items

I think it is very important to mention that when my client saw the renderings, he did not change a thing. This consistently happens when clients approve this level of service from the design process. It is my intention that by the time we get to the presentation, little to no changes need to be made.

So now for the reveal of how it all turned out!

These are not professional photographs. My client and I did our best.

Lenore Frances Family Room DesignDen Tv Room Interior DesignLenore Family Room Design

I fell in love with this art-deco-style cabinet my client already owned. It was perfect for the new design of the den. It excites me to find special items in the home and give them a new life – and my client loves it!

Den Art Deco Style Cabinet

The curtain on the snack bar is a swing arm for easy access to the trash bin.

Den Snack Bar Design

I know it is hard to see in this earlier picture, but there is a large circle of wood with a small hole that serves as the lid to access the trash. No need to pull back the swing arm or curtain when you need to throw something away. Having a flat lid keeps the entire counter top usable.

Snack Bar Flat Lid DesignDen Family Room InteriorsDen Family Room Interior Design

I would like to convey my appreciation to Spencer Tait from The Snyder Group in Moorestown, ProSource in Berlin and Window Ware in Wenonah, NJ for helping me make my client’s dream come true.

Now that you have seen the transformation that we were able to accomplish in this room, imagine what Lenore Frances Home Interiors can do for you. We can design your home with long-term living in mind, so there is no need to wait until you retire to have a transformation of your own.

Comments on Are you waiting for retirement to create the home you want?
  1. LINDA MERRILL says:

    Lenore – this looks spectacular! And I agree – the carpet is a wow! Great rendering and finished space!

    1. lenore27 says:

      Thank you so much Linda!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a transformation, Lenore! And a delightful result – I’m sure your clients are over the moon happy with their new space – 40 years is indeed a long tome to wait!

    1. lenore27 says:

      Thank you Janet, this was a fun project.

  3. Jeri says:

    Love the design and a big wow on the renderings – they helped your client see the vision! Of course he embraced it! Well done!
    (And happy birthday!)

    1. lenore27 says:

      Thank you Jeri!

  4. Marina V says:

    I’m sure they’re happy that they finally went for it. The wait was worth it and they can now enjoy their renovated space. Job well done.

    1. lenore27 says:

      Thank you Marina. This project was very much needed, especially during COVID.

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