9 Reasons To Hire an Interior Designer




1. You don’t know what you don’t know.

This is the root of most problems that come up during a home project. If you are taking on the project yourself, you may be greatly disappointed in the process and/or the final result if the right questions were not asked before making your decisions. As a designer, I know not to leave anything to chance. I know what questions to ask, and who to ask. I am able to manage your expectations because of my knowledge, experience and professional contacts.

2. You know what you like but don’t know how to put it together.

This is called being overwhelmed by the prospect of the work it takes just to search for and select what you want. If you really do know what you like, that means you will communicate with me very well and be decisive with the selections I offer you. Having me do the legwork will save you so much time and effort.

 3. You are afraid of making a mistake.

An extreme version of this is called Atychiphobia or fear of failure. Some people are very talented and capable in every other area of their life, but when it comes to their house, they remain frozen. I can help you relax and be comfortable enough to open up in ways that will help me understand what would make you happy in your own home. Great communication is the key to a wonderful experience and end result. I like to replace fear with anticipation.

4. You like so many different styles, it becomes impossible to choose.  

I have a client who has great taste and appreciates quality. However, she tends to focus on too many things and gets off track. It is my job to understand her preferences, properly combine styles that she is attracted to and come up with a cohesive design that will represent her personality. We have completed 6 rooms in her house and she has been happy with the result every time.

5. You don’t have the time to manage a project from start to finish.  

There are so many balls to juggle with a home project, however, there is a proper order which I follow to keep a project running as smoothly as possible. And I also have my trusted general contractor to keep track of the trades needed to get the job done right. Between the two of us, you don’t have to manage anything except your accommodations while the work is being done.

6. You have a fear of disorder, chaos or untidiness. 

This is called Ataxophobia. In any home renovation, there will be a little disorder, a bit of untidiness and an uncomfortable feeling of chaos. I can help you properly prepare and figure out solutions for the inconveniences that take place. These things cannot be avoided, but they can be managed.

7. You and your spouse cannot agree on anything, so you do nothing. 

I should have marriage counselor listed as one of my services. When both spouses are involved in the decision making process, I have to be very creative to keep them both happy. And on occasion, when clients try to do things on their own and reach an impasse, they call on me to make the final decision. The one thing they could agree on was that my decision would stand. It is wonderful to develop such a trusting relationship.

8. You need to spend your money wisely. 

This is where people think they are saving money by not hiring a designer. I can help you set priorities, let you know where investing a little more is best and where investing a little less is best. When I help you avoid mistakes and get it done right the first time, I have already saved you money.

9. You don’t know the right people to get the work done. 

As if deciding what you want for your home isn’t hard enough, if you don’t hire a designer, you also have to select who is going to do the work. I have built relationships with those I trust. I know my contractor is going to answer the phone when I call, unless he is on a roof or up a ladder. I never require a client use my trade connections, however; I find great value in working with people I know, like and trust to get the job done. And my clients appreciate that as well.

If you can relate to any of the reasons above, go to my contact page to schedule a complimentary 15 –20 minute phone call to discuss your project.


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