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A Fix for a Builder’s Blunder

Builder’s Blunder

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into some homes and I see how they were built, I have to ask myself; “Why would they do this?” Builders in developments are notorious for doing the job and getting out after putting in the least amount of work at the least expense.

Most of the obvious blunders I see are architectural in nature such as the example below in this Moorestown home. builder-blunder-ceiling


What you can’t see on the family room side is that the ceiling is 17 feet high. But the builder didn’t think about the scale or proper proportions when framing out the entrance into the kitchen. It looks like a toothpick is holding up a massive wall. Why didn’t they make the entrance the same height as the other opening and provide a column support that would be the right size and make sense? I don’t have the answer except to refer back to my second sentence. But it did give me a job to do and for that I am thankful.

We did everything I suggested & the clients agreed that this was the way it should have been all along.builder-blunder-lenore-interior

If you know something isn’t quite right but can’t put your finger on it. I have the professional eye to help you figure it out and make the necessary improvements. It will make all the difference. Lenore Frances Home Interiors specializes in helping empty nesters or those wanting to downsize, create the home that fits their needs, tastes, and lifestyle.

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