Guidelines For Choosing The Perfect Window Treatments


One of the biggest problems I see when I go to design consultations are window treatments that are too short, skimpy, hung too low and/or not the appropriate design at all.

custom-window-treatmentI am going to speak specifically to the ladies now about how having proper window treatments is similar to having the right hair style and makeup to compliment your features.

Your face is the window.

Your eyes, nose, cheeks and lips are the view.

Your eyebrows may be the frame or trim around the window.

When considering a hairstyle, we think about what is best for the shape of your face. Should you have bangs? How long should they be? Should they be straight or softly combed to the side? Should they cover your brows?

How about color? What is the best hair color for your skin tone? What color eyeshadow, blush and lipstick will make you feel good about how you look every day.

Now some ladies are perfect without embellishment. And when it comes to windows, I will always admit when nothing is needed to enhance a view. But here in South Jersey, proper window treatments are needed 95% of the time for privacy and cohesive design of the rooms.

Very few of us ladies dare to cut our own hair and get great results. And most of us don’t automatically grow up and know how to apply makeup correctly. We have professional hairstylists and makeup artists to do it for us or show us how to do it ourselves.

But this is where the similarity ends. For hair and makeup, if you don’t like it, or want to try something new, hair grows out and you can always wash your face and start fresh.

Window treatments require a committed investment that will compliment your home for many years. Why not consider having a design professional help you do it right the first time and avoid many years of this before picture.


  1. Great comparison, Lenore! Great window treatments finish the room 99% of the time!

  2. Suzanne M Rugg says:

    So true! Window treatments cannot be ignored in the design!

  3. Suzi Rugg says:

    Yes, window treatments make the room, they cannot be ignored in the design! Beautiful work!

  4. I totally agree with you that they are an investment, but they are SO worth it. It’s the icing on the cake – and who wants to eat cake without the icing??

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