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Fix My Room Series: Are You “Living in the Dark?”

Have you purchased new furniture and now that it is in your home you don’t like it, but you can’t figure out why? Are your accessories a little lackluster and not giving your room the oomph it needs? Well, here is my suggestion; turn on a light, or two, or three…maybe ten.

The lack of proper lighting is one of the biggest and most common problems in a home. And people don’t realize what they are missing. How ironic, I had to stop writing for a while because the electricity went off during a storm. Candles and a flashlight did not help much.

Anyway, lighting needs to be layered and controlled for the right affect and function. By “layering” I mean more than one type of light, and at more than one level in a room. Usually, people put a few lamps in a room and call it a day. But there are so many options to combine that will make a room come alive. Sample Lighting Image

Sample Lighting Image 2

Above we have a room that is lit with table lamps and recessed lights that are controlled by dimmers. This room is not that big, so the addition of the recessed lights on dimmers creates another controllable layer of light that is adequate for the size of the room. This room has four recessed lights, two table lamps and one decorative light on the dresser.

The picture on the left was taken in a very large dining room. We did not have the option of adding recessed lights. But we do have lighting spread throughout the room. In the mirror reflection you can see a chandelier and wall sconce. We also used buffet lamps. What you can’t see are accent lights strategically placed on the floor to up-light and accent tree in the corner and an open étagère (bookcase) to wash the wall behind it with light, and illuminate the beautiful colored glass it held. The breakfront was also lit from within and that counts as well. There are a total of ten lights in this room. The lighting is soft but perfect for entertaining.

If you are not happy with your room, consider the lighting. It may be just the fix you need.

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