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Fix My Room Series: How To Freshen Up a Brick and Mortar Fireplace


Brick Fireplace Before Image This project in Hammonton, NJ is not quite finished yet, but I couldn’t wait to share the before and after pictures to show how to freshen up a brick and mortar fireplace. Everyone is familiar with the red brick and black mortar, so dated, dark, and heavy. Should we demolish and start over? That was too messy to consider.


Brick Fireplace After Image

How about a beautiful stone veneer on top of the brick? Not in the budget. The transformation was inspired by the exposed brick walls you may see in Philadelphia row homes or lofts. I had a mason come and apply a light mortar right on top of the old, and leave mortar directly on top of the brick. The original mortar was inset deep enough that none of it had to be removed. No demo. The process only took a day. And it was the best decision for the budget. Look how it brightened the room!

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Comments on Fix My Room Series: How To Freshen Up a Brick and Mortar Fireplace
  1. jeanne courtney says:

    what did you use and how did you do this?

    1. lenore27 says:

      Hello Jeanne, I had a professional mason apply a lighter mortar over the dark.

  2. Lori Manning says:

    Can you whitewash a sealed brick fireplace?

    1. lenore27 says:

      I believe you would need to sand the sealer off first.

  3. sharon k says:

    Hi. Love this look. Can you tell me what mason you used to do the light mortar on the brick fireplace. I live nearby so I’m hoping perhaps I use the same person to do the same exact thing. Nice job!

  4. lenore27 says:

    Hi Sharon, I have not been able to get in touch with this particular mason for many years. So sorry.

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