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How to Add a New Bathroom in Your Existing Home

Now that the family has been together, day in and day out, because of COVID 19; it has probably become very apparent that some things need to change in your home.

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I have a client who is changing their home to fit their needs over time. We have tackled moving the laundry to the upstairs hall for convenience.

We created a mudroom and pantry off of the kitchen.

Opened up and redesigned the family room to the kitchen for more family interaction and comfort.

What’s next? Something everyone with growing boys and girls can relate to.

When boys and girls are maturing they may have difficulty sharing the bathroom because they want to spend more time taking care of how they look. And privacy may be an issue. This is especially true when all of them are getting ready for school at the same time.

So depending on the space available in the home, it may be a great investment to create an extra bathroom.

Now for creative space planning. Where could you put a new bathroom?

1. Do you have space in your home that is not being used, or not being used in the best way?

2. Do you have air space?
Meaning an area with very high ceilings that serve no purpose other than to raise the heating
and air conditioning bill?

3. What about above or in the garage?

4. Attic?

Creating a new bathroom may require shuffling around another used space to get the best placement.


In the case I have already mentioned. The feasible solution is to make the new bathroom accessible
from the daughter’s room. That space is currently the master bedroom closet.

In order to do that, we must first build a new master closet. This house has the space needed in the high
ceilinged garage just behind the master bedroom.

And I do recommend this as the first step so that when it is time to renovate the closet into the
bathroom, the new closet will be nicely finished with their clothing properly stored.

If you know you want or need to move ahead with this type of project, and you know handling it on your
own is not the best option, please reach out to me. I am happy to listen to your needs and dreams so I
can deliver the best results.

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Comments on How to Add a New Bathroom in Your Existing Home
  1. Rebecca says:

    So smart to take advantage of unused air space!

  2. So smart, Lenore! Homes often just need smart rethinking/reorganization of space rather than adding square footage to make them work better and this is a great example of why working with a professional to find solutions is so important!

  3. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lenore: I really enjoyed how your creative problem solving is helping your customer find a solution that works for their needs long term.

    Have fun with this new project!

  4. Lisa Peck says:

    What a smart and insightful look at how you can reimagine a home without expanding the footprint.

  5. heather says:

    I love the example that you gave!

  6. Jillian says:

    Beautiful rendering!

  7. So many good suggestions!

  8. Sheri Buneau says:

    This is a great inspiration for people who may not think they have room for a new space in their home – when they really do have the space.

    Such a wonderful post!

  9. Great and creative idea and beautiful rendering!

  10. Suzi Rugg says:

    Great idea to shuffle some space to create room for both a closet and a bathroom!

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