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10 Steps To Make Your Design Project a Reality In The Coming Year

We all know what happens. We have such high hopes for what we will accomplish in the new year only to be disappointed with what we have to show for the past 365 days. As Scarlet said “… tomorrow is another day!” and the new year is a way to…

Cluttered Living Room

A Practical Guide for Planning a Move

From Bedlam to Brilliance – Practical Guide for Planning a Move You’ve finally made the decision to move, but you are looking around at your present surroundings and wondering where to begin.  No matter how long you’ve lived in a place, you most likely have accumulated items, saved things, and…


Do People Still Need Interior Designers?

Did you know, back in the day, your barber might also be your dentist? He might even be your undertaker! Sounds like the old west. Thank God things have changed…or have they?  Today people are doing a lot of things themselves that they may or may not have the education, training,…


Spring Projects: Is it already too late?

I had a conversation with my right-hand-man and contractor, Rufus yesterday. Rufus told me that he is already seeing the signs that he is going to be booked up fast for all of those projects people put off because of this lousy winter. I have to wonder where that is…


Samaritan Gatsby Gala

It was a great night of giving, mingling, eating and dancing, all to raise money for Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice. Samaritan raises money so that everyone is able to have special care at end of life, regardless of their ability to pay. I know first-hand how valuable hospice is to…


Patricia Worley Photography – A Great Local Find

A New Discovery I was participating in the Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Gala last week where I met Patricia Worley of Medford. Patricia is an award winning photographer. I am sharing a small sample of her work with you today. It so impressed me that I can’t wait to find…

Virtual Staging

Home builder ARYA in Toms River, NJ uses our virtual staging service.  Virtual staging is the perfect way to show clients the many possibilities of a new construction.   Check out some of our before and after pictures:              

Pet-Friendly Fabric Options

There are plenty of pet-friendly fabric options for the home including contract fabrics (especially with a Crypton finish), ultrasuedes, vinyls, and outdoor fabrics.  Outdoor fabrics that are solution dyed can be cleaned with bleach and the color will be retained, so they are a great choice. In addition to the…


12 Tips to Remove Unwelcome Odors in the Home

Household odors can be unpleasant, embarrassing and ultimately deteriorate your design investments. Our sense of smell is incredibly strong and has a powerful lasting memory – cooking, smoking, animals and even body odors are the usual culprits of odors, however, odors can be controlled and remedied. If you are buying or…


There Is More Than One Color Of The Year 2014

Pantone’s pick for color of the year is Royal Orchid. My mom is ahead of the trend. She has had this color on her Christmas tree for years. Benjamin Moore and other paint companies come up with their own color of the year and a series of colors to go…