Create Visual Interest in a rooms with high ceilings | Fix my room

Fix My Room Series: Creating Visual Interest for Rooms with High Ceilings and Walls.

room with high ceiling before improvements are made


room with high ceiling after improvements are made


This room was crying out for a lesson in proportion.

Problem: Lack of Visual Interest Because

  • Very high ceiling and high windows.
  • Window treatments are too small for the wall.
  • Ceiling fan also too small for the room.
  • Walls seem cold with lack of color.

Solution: Create Visual Interest in rooms with high ceilings by

Adding a lot of detail on the focal wall of this room with crown molding and shadow boxes. The higher the ceiling – the larger the crown molding needs to be. The shadow boxes created interest and took care of those big empty spaces under the windows; allowing the existing window treatments to become just the right size. We added a new ceiling fan that was a more appropriate size and style to complement the furnishings in the room. We also cozied up the room with a more flattering wall color and accented the fireplace and new molding detail with a darker glaze. This wall treatment created depth and texture, warming up the large space from floor to ceiling.

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